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New post / Positive quotes

What is the best way to practise writing in English? Writing posts and publish them on the old blog, which you do not use any more, just to gain two things - as I said - practice and relief. There is no other place like the Internet, where you can freely complain about life, our life. February is coming to the end, which means that the third semester is about to began. I have to completed placement in the upcoming semester, which means I will be going to the primary school and spent time with little kids, which frighten me a little. I do not know how are kids nowadays . But that is not my biggest concern. Job is. I have my job almost a year now. I do not feel good at it. As was similar to the previous one. I do not want to get into psychological details if this is a problem or not. The point is that people, the atmosphere, it is not satisfying. I work there a long time, but still I do not know much about it, probably the reason is that I work only almost at weekends, and it has been this way all along. Even if I wanted to learn I know that some people, the "not good to work with" or in other word "unpleasant" people will comment my experience at work and, I do not know why, but it always hurts me. I should not bother about others opinion, about people that I do not like and focus on those, who are nice and I like working with them. However, as we all know, the presence of one unliked person is enough to ruin our day. I wanted to change my job into place smaller, with less staff, but after seeing my new college schedule I know that I have little chance to be hired anywhere else, because of my lack of availability. My current employer knows that I do not have time to work more than 20-24 hours per week and is understandable ( should be, since I work there almost a year now ), but I just feel I need change. The feeling that it is almost impossible is killing me and if I would quit my job I would have to quit my studies as well. Also, when I think about exams at the end of the year, 5 are predicted to be, but feel that the lecturers of other 3 subjects will test our knowledge with exam-like test. 8 exams. 3 of them will include the knowledge from both semesters - British Literature, American Life and British Culture... I know, what is the point of worrying about all that stuff... Yeah, if my parents would be able to pay for my rent, food etc. and I had plenty of free time, this would not be so terrifying.
     There is a part of me, which wants see some comments after this post from a couple of readers, but I do not have much expectations.
Ow! I had an account on weheartit! I even created a positive group of pictures. Let's see...

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  1. jej, jak dawno Cię nie było :)
    zdecydowanie, nie powinnyśmy się przejmować opinią ludzi, którzy nie są dla nas ważni.. podoba mi się ostatni obrazek :)


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