czwartek, 12 marca 2015

The mistakes of my life?

Are there anyone who thinks that make poor life choices? It feels for a while that my choice of studying English wasn't the right one. Maybe it is because I have to work and study and do many homework and my chances to find job after are as small as my roommate's who study sth like "I have a small group of people who barely have classes and don't have to anything because no one give's a shit and still when end-of-term examinations comes I have to fail and something because it is sooo fuckin hard". You understand why this is so annoying? Also, no I don't see myself as a teacher. Maybe in private school or those language schools or as tutor. I know, there is no point to worry and think about all this stuff because it will change a hundreds of times, ups and downs and etc. And I should say - oh, I'm an optimist, everything will be okay, sun is shining, bird are singing and I have where to come back. But so many people have the same and this is not an explanation for me. Resigning now, in the middle of the studies seems as a waste of time, not much of us left since the beginning. But what should I do next to finally say - hey! this is it! I'm simply happy with all that is going around me.
Maybe... maybe somewhere else, in another country, for an average people like me is still life better than here? I wonder but I'm not brave enough.
Oh, nevemind. This is boring to read. Only an optimists, skinny or cloths related blogs are interesting.

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