czwartek, 15 października 2015

1. - The one where things have to change.

Hey. I haven't been here since... I don't even remember. This blog was on of the million other ones, where every teenager wanted to become popular, get free stuff or not, but for sure have a lot of comments and people observing. I today decided that it is the time to change. This old blog will remind me who I was and what I wanted from live and who I am today. I thought about deleting all this stuff. Then, no, it is a part of me. Me from the past of course, but still. Then, maybe I should delete all old notes. No, I'm not ready. Maybe in the future. Meanwhile, this blog, personal diary will be my safe house. My difficult road to become happier. Starting today! No, I won't start exercise, it only super healthy food and so on. No. I want to just try to be pleased. Be happy. Be... I don't know. Just not all the time sad, because something went wrong. Starting today, I will be posting here positive quotes of the day/week/month ( we'll see how long I will be able to stick around here ).
Have a nice day !

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